Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Spring with Sabo Skirt

Long time obsessed with flora patent and light colour to embrace the love of Spring. We head to Burleigh Heads for dinner last weekend. It has been ages that I settle myself down and enjoy the precious moment with my closest friends just for a dinner gathering (no meetings any more!!!). For the past year, I have been encountered a dramatic life, made some big steps for both my personal life and my career plan. With more than one year of travelling and healing myself from physical and mental illness, I decided to move back to university and keep chasing my academic goal after long time rest. Not hard to imagine the tough work from a (DAMN) master degree. I love and hate it at the same time. It teaches me so much and even more, but I am truly now sacrifice my time hanging out with friends, just focusing on my assignments and team works.

After years of trial and erro, I moved from Black & White to my true style, which dig deep in the chill and holiday looks more. Sabo Skirt is currently one of my favourites, it just lights my mood and heart every single time I see their design. What a fashion escape from my busy life and treatment to myself, to forget about all things bothered. I purchased this dress (Link here) just couple days before the dinner, along with the other Sabo Skirt Luxe collection dress (I purchased this Luxe collection). Lil flora patent on this dress just make me feel more spring and relax by the sea side. Hope you like it.


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