Monday, December 17, 2018

Acne Studios Camel Cardigan

This might be the last post I do before heading to Japan for my Christmas holiday. I have been looking forward to spending the upcoming half month in Japan for a long time and it is almost there. The weather finally got better here in China, so I got a chance to do a very quick shoot outside. I am thinking about opening a youtube channel or just do Vlog to share some of my daily life, because sometimes, I feel that I keep my personal life and my social media so separate and it might be a time to move one step forward. Let me know what you think, and what kind of vlog you want to see on Instagram/just simply e-mail me. I am more than happy to chat.

I am sharing my love for the camel cardigan from Acne Studio, because this is just perfect for a sunny winter. Jeans and cashmere jumper are my comfort zone during winter, so I am also bringing this to a daily look without extra touching. xx

Cardigan from Acne Studios
Jumper from Zadig &Voltaire
Jeans from Everlane
Boots from Dr. Martens


Friday, December 7, 2018

Wanderlust in an ancient town

My friend came to visit me in China last week!!! I had so much for the last two weeks. Attended one of the patisserie training classes in Shanghai last week, and one is coming in the following week. Then, I will be finishing the updated course. Also, my friend came to visit me in China, so we took some pictures along our journey. I have been grateful for seeing the life of local people in China every time I come back and visit. I was born here and lived here until 16 when I moved to Australia, but I do come back every year for my holiday. It is a very odd thing that deep fried rice cake with read bean custard is one of the most traditional area in my hometown, but I hated it since young. My friend is obsessed with anything rice cake, so I tried it with her last week and it was eventually not that bad, not at all!! Here are some pictures I picked for you from our wanderlust and hope you like it.xx

Knitwear is old from Zadig & Voltaire
Jean from Lee
Boots from Tony Bianco
Bag and Belt from Gucci
Coat from Erdos

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