Sunday, February 2, 2020

The last outfit of 2019

Summer outfit is always easy to me. I know for me, outfit is always about clothings fit who I am. I'd wear good T-shirts and jeans everyday if I could.

For a tradition I had when we lived back in China, mum and I would always organize and clean the house together in the morning on the last of each year, and then we would go out for flora shopping for the New Year's holiday in the afternoon, and of course, drink coffee together. Ever since I moved to Brisbane, we didn't have much time to do such family traditions together and I sort of don't want to celebrate it anymore. But this year, I decided to pick it up and did it with my best friend.

Spending my time in Bulimba is one of my favorite things to do for a lazy afternoon. I used to live really close to this suburb in Brisbane area before I moved. For a period of time, I came here every weekend for Brunch. It just have so many good cafes I'd try and re-visit. It is such a nice suburb which is too small, yet too big. Small enough for you to access anything you want in the town center, but big enough that I would like to always come back and explore. So if you would like to have nice coffee, to buy beautiful flora, or to get yourself a spa. You could make it in just the neighbourhoods here.

Enjoy the pictures.xx

*Outfit: Top from Christopher Kane
Jeans from Everlane
Bag from Celine
Glasses from Oscar Wylee

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