Friday, January 11, 2019

My Tokyo Journey

From Tokyo Tower

Rather than saying it is another #EmilyGJapanDiary, I'd like to call it a Tokyo Diary because I stayed around two weeks only in Tokyo and Hakone during the Christmas Holiday. Before coming, I planned merely the hotel stays and schedule in only Hakone, and go with anything I would like to do for the rest of the journey. I know it has been more than three weeks since I did the last blog post, and my motivation was pushing me to post more about one article about my travel in Tokyo. But seriously, it is more like 'What I have done with everyday in Japan'. So, I decided to cultivate all the pictures I took along my travel and share it here.

Food along my travel is always one of the most important things. We went to  Hiyama (すき焼割烹 日山) in Tokyo, which is a michelin-stared restaurant specialising in Sukiyaki. But you can also have premium beef cooked in multiple ways. You can make the reservation here .

Also, my Christmas Lunch at Bvlgari Tokyo, and the table setting is so beautiful.

At Janice Wong desser bar, Shinjuku

This is literally my first time in Hakone. You can take the romance car from Shinjuku station travels directly to Hakone Yumoto station. There will be buses that take you from Hakone Yumoto station to your hotel. If you have the travel pass, the bus fare would have been included in your pass and I feel that is the most efficient way for traveller who would like to stay just 2-3 day here. I stayed one night and two days in Hakone, but basically spent my time there enjoying onsen. I didn't take any pictures because the traditional japanese onsen does not allow any phone to be taken in. It is truely an opportunity for you to set your mind free from others and please do try it if you travel there.

Other than onsen, I visited the Museum of Glasses. As its name tells, there are hundred and thousands art of works that are made with glasses in the museum, as well as the trees in the gardens!!

A glance of Pirate Ship we took

We also got a chance to cruise the Lake Ashi, which you could have a outlook of the Mt. Fuji on the Pirate Ship, you can click here for more information. The fare for the cruise is also included in the Hokone travel pass.

Here are some of my little tips for you:
*You do not have to plan the whole trip but do plan the transport you are going to use. Train tickets are better to be booked ahead
*If you are a foodie like I am, do make reservation with the restaurants you would like to go. Most Michelin-stared restaurants do not serve guests who do not book ahead.
*Pack light if you move between cities.
*Last, enjoy your trip to the fullest.

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