Tuesday, November 24, 2020

101 Reasons to visit JOTEO Exhibition

We definitely need some brights during this pandemic period. No matter it is a cup of coffee with family, movie with friends or travels (but travel seems to be a luxury now). As a fashion enthusiast, my best option during this time is to stay at home for a fashion movie/documentary, or go for a local art exhibition. 

Few days ago, I was invited by the founder and designer of JOTEO to his current exhibition in art gallery of Brisbane. However, I am still stuck overseas and not be able to go back to Australia due to the travel ban. Being a person who always take loss as opportunities, I'd like to do a virtual tour with all those who cannot go by themselves.

I've been following Joash for around one year now, but the name JOTEO itself has been known to me for even longer. Seeing JOTEO published the first picture on its instagram account, until the brand has progressed itself more mature as a brand without giving up the core spirit of its designer, it is a brand worth following and aspiring. Ready-to-wear cannot be used to exactly describe JOTEO, it is more like a couture brand to me.

The current exhibit combines two collections that Joash has done for JOTEO. The recidivism and the Ephemera.

The roots of recidivism collections originated from the French revolution. It uses the technique of smocking with simple cut, drape and high quality fabrics. This collection also gets inspiration from rococo. Rather than additive of couture elements, the smocking technique assists the whole piece to achieve the rococo-inspired detailing. If you are a fan of old houses of french designers, Joash's recidivism might reminds you of the Givenchy dress that Audrey Hepburn worn back in 1955 at 'Villa Rolli'. Although the inspiration and whole idea of design are totally different, but we could also see the spirit of good designers are never so different.

The Ephemera collection takes the femininity as the guarded femininity by adopting curved lines and folds. Taking my style as an example, I'll always go back to basic, and wear structured outfit. But masculinity is not what I pursue, that's why the guarded femininity is an extraordinary concept that is more acceptable to hundreds and thousands of modern ladies who are after structured silhouettes, protective lines, couture draping and tailoring.

The exhibition ends on 28th November 2020. Please do not hesitate to go and take the chance to visit the great work by these artists. Along with Joash's collection, there would be art works by other artists waiting to be discovered.

Location:Artisan Gallery

45 King Street, Bowen Hills, Brisbane, QLD


Sunday, March 29, 2020

Nothing To Wear, Wear Chanel

Hello my lovely readers! Haven't seen you guys for almost three weeks.

I travelled from Brisbane to China three weeks ago, and have been self-isolating for 14 days. I have shared all my quarantine diary on my IGTV if you would like to know more (click here).

I have found this outfit, which was shoot just before I left Brisbane. With my go-to pieces in the wardrobe, I am the best of MYSELF: Plain color tops, leather pants and my Chanel shoes. Ever I found myself have nothing to wear, a pair of good shoes would come and help. You need something that goes well with almost all outfits. Chanel made it.


*Outfit: Top from Uniqlo
Pants from Vintage shop
Shoes from Chanel
Bag from 3.1 Phillip Lim
Necklace from Verge Girl


Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Get Tanned with @Le tan

I'd always strive for the summer tan, the healthy sandy look that glowing under the sun. So I always search for a good tanning product, which is easy to use and doesn't look like a fake ones.

It's a quite interesting story. I was born and raised in China, where the main stream loves the beauty of ivory skin colour. And I got this gene from my mum's side that no matter how we exposed to sun lights, we get back to pale next day. 

Then I turned 16 and moved to Australia. The surfing culture here and the passion towards ocean are something that I cannot resist. A WOW moment for me, and I told myself it might be a good chance for me to get tanned? Well, the strongest thing is the gene itself I'd have to admit. Until I got to try the self tanning foam from Le tan (click here to shop). It is quite different than some of the other products on market, which looked much natural than what I had tried. And it lasts longer. With the glove Le tan have with its 10 day tan spray, you go with the soft touch and only need to evenly apply it with the glove. Although the gene is strong, but Le tan gives me a hand in achieving the tan look!

Hope you could achieve your dreaming tan skin for this summer and stay healthy everyone!


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Sunday, February 2, 2020

The last outfit of 2019

Summer outfit is always easy to me. I know for me, outfit is always about clothings fit who I am. I'd wear good T-shirts and jeans everyday if I could.

For a tradition I had when we lived back in China, mum and I would always organize and clean the house together in the morning on the last of each year, and then we would go out for flora shopping for the New Year's holiday in the afternoon, and of course, drink coffee together. Ever since I moved to Brisbane, we didn't have much time to do such family traditions together and I sort of don't want to celebrate it anymore. But this year, I decided to pick it up and did it with my best friend.

Spending my time in Bulimba is one of my favorite things to do for a lazy afternoon. I used to live really close to this suburb in Brisbane area before I moved. For a period of time, I came here every weekend for Brunch. It just have so many good cafes I'd try and re-visit. It is such a nice suburb which is too small, yet too big. Small enough for you to access anything you want in the town center, but big enough that I would like to always come back and explore. So if you would like to have nice coffee, to buy beautiful flora, or to get yourself a spa. You could make it in just the neighbourhoods here.

Enjoy the pictures.xx

*Outfit: Top from Christopher Kane
Jeans from Everlane
Bag from Celine
Glasses from Oscar Wylee


Sunday, January 12, 2020

Eye Test Experience Oscar Wylee

Finally I could share this eye test experience with you on #WanderlustOfEmily!!I have been holding this for a long time and tried my best to keep it low profile until I got the content totally ready.

In the very end of December 2019, I landed a collaboration with one of my favourite brands, Oscar Wylee, to ride an eye test experience with them. For me, Oscar Wylee is not just a store that could fix my glasses problems but a fashion brand, which makes glasses not nerdy anymore. I have been short sighted since Grade 6 and wearing glasses for more than a decade. For some reasons, I used to prefer contact lens because they are more FASHION to me (because we all have a stereotyping that glasses have a more nerdy and stiff impression).

I don't feel it anymore with Oscar Wylee.

Some point to remember when you get an eye test:

  • Do not forget to bring your medicare card/medicare insurance card. They do bulk bill so you do not have to pay the eye test
  • Get someone with you if you are going to do a pupil test because you are advised not to drive post test (check with your local store)
  • Bring some points about your eye health even if your optometrist does not ask. I do have eye dryness and sensitive to light sometimes. So I was advised to do further test to see if I am wearing appropriate contact lens.
  • Do not rush when you picking your glasses because there are just so many choices. Try to find the one suits your face shape best. For example, I see myself have a round face shape. So I'd always like to pick glasses that have a sharp/large angle at the top to balance the lower part of my face.
  • When you choose a pair of glasses, try to pull your hair up when you try it on. Sometimes, the hairstyle we currently have reshapes our face shape. But in reality, we are not going to just wear one hairstyle, so pull the hair away from your face gives a more objective view of how it will matches your face shape.
  • You get 2 pairs of glasses for just $199, so enjoy the fashion journey with Oscar Wylee for an affordable price! This is my last advice!

Hope you all have a more clear vision in 2020.


Disclaimer: All sponsored posts represent the true and faithful view 
of WanderlustOfEmily towards the brand. All proposals with false and misleading information to us are rejected.


Wednesday, January 8, 2020

NYE Dinner at Massimo

Cannot believe it is 2020 already and 2019 would not be the same without all your support.

This year has been a little bit different than all the others. One of the most wonderful things I did was that I stepped out of my comfort zone in 2019 by KEEP TRYING.

I started to say YES to opportunities that came to me, and stopped rejecting by considering myself not capable of doing so. The lesson I learned is that we could all learn by doing. Sometimes we just need to take it first and find a way to accomplish the task, because for me, I will never be ready if I am "on they way to be ready". The moment I said YES, I would be totally ready.

So in 2020, I would try my best to say YES to collaborations and work opportunities, but still take it all transparent to you guys. I am also as open as always to share my experience no matter it's in sour or sweetness.

The start of 2020 is also a bit different to previous years. I spent all the previous NYE overseas, but this year, I decide to stay in Australia and celebrate it by the river with my friends. We tried the newly opened Massimo Restaurant on Eagle Street and the view was marvellous! It had such a straight-forward angle towards the river fireworks and the half-open interior arrangements makes us feel closer to the nature environment and the breeze from river. The only drawback on it's NYE dinner menu is a set ones so there was not a lot of choice.(but we were still lucky to get a table though! and the food was not bad).

Hope you all had a wonderful NYE celebration and best to 2020


*Outfit: Mia Dress from Sheike (click here)
Tamara Glasses from Oscar Wylee (click here)

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