Tuesday, November 24, 2020

101 Reasons to visit JOTEO Exhibition

We definitely need some brights during this pandemic period. No matter it is a cup of coffee with family, movie with friends or travels (but travel seems to be a luxury now). As a fashion enthusiast, my best option during this time is to stay at home for a fashion movie/documentary, or go for a local art exhibition. 

Few days ago, I was invited by the founder and designer of JOTEO to his current exhibition in art gallery of Brisbane. However, I am still stuck overseas and not be able to go back to Australia due to the travel ban. Being a person who always take loss as opportunities, I'd like to do a virtual tour with all those who cannot go by themselves.

I've been following Joash for around one year now, but the name JOTEO itself has been known to me for even longer. Seeing JOTEO published the first picture on its instagram account, until the brand has progressed itself more mature as a brand without giving up the core spirit of its designer, it is a brand worth following and aspiring. Ready-to-wear cannot be used to exactly describe JOTEO, it is more like a couture brand to me.

The current exhibit combines two collections that Joash has done for JOTEO. The recidivism and the Ephemera.

The roots of recidivism collections originated from the French revolution. It uses the technique of smocking with simple cut, drape and high quality fabrics. This collection also gets inspiration from rococo. Rather than additive of couture elements, the smocking technique assists the whole piece to achieve the rococo-inspired detailing. If you are a fan of old houses of french designers, Joash's recidivism might reminds you of the Givenchy dress that Audrey Hepburn worn back in 1955 at 'Villa Rolli'. Although the inspiration and whole idea of design are totally different, but we could also see the spirit of good designers are never so different.

The Ephemera collection takes the femininity as the guarded femininity by adopting curved lines and folds. Taking my style as an example, I'll always go back to basic, and wear structured outfit. But masculinity is not what I pursue, that's why the guarded femininity is an extraordinary concept that is more acceptable to hundreds and thousands of modern ladies who are after structured silhouettes, protective lines, couture draping and tailoring.

The exhibition ends on 28th November 2020. Please do not hesitate to go and take the chance to visit the great work by these artists. Along with Joash's collection, there would be art works by other artists waiting to be discovered.

Location:Artisan Gallery

45 King Street, Bowen Hills, Brisbane, QLD


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