Sunday, March 29, 2020

Nothing To Wear, Wear Chanel

Hello my lovely readers! Haven't seen you guys for almost three weeks.

I travelled from Brisbane to China three weeks ago, and have been self-isolating for 14 days. I have shared all my quarantine diary on my IGTV if you would like to know more (click here).

I have found this outfit, which was shoot just before I left Brisbane. With my go-to pieces in the wardrobe, I am the best of MYSELF: Plain color tops, leather pants and my Chanel shoes. Ever I found myself have nothing to wear, a pair of good shoes would come and help. You need something that goes well with almost all outfits. Chanel made it.


*Outfit: Top from Uniqlo
Pants from Vintage shop
Shoes from Chanel
Bag from 3.1 Phillip Lim
Necklace from Verge Girl


Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Get Tanned with @Le tan

I'd always strive for the summer tan, the healthy sandy look that glowing under the sun. So I always search for a good tanning product, which is easy to use and doesn't look like a fake ones.

It's a quite interesting story. I was born and raised in China, where the main stream loves the beauty of ivory skin colour. And I got this gene from my mum's side that no matter how we exposed to sun lights, we get back to pale next day. 

Then I turned 16 and moved to Australia. The surfing culture here and the passion towards ocean are something that I cannot resist. A WOW moment for me, and I told myself it might be a good chance for me to get tanned? Well, the strongest thing is the gene itself I'd have to admit. Until I got to try the self tanning foam from Le tan (click here to shop). It is quite different than some of the other products on market, which looked much natural than what I had tried. And it lasts longer. With the glove Le tan have with its 10 day tan spray, you go with the soft touch and only need to evenly apply it with the glove. Although the gene is strong, but Le tan gives me a hand in achieving the tan look!

Hope you could achieve your dreaming tan skin for this summer and stay healthy everyone!


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