Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Botanic Garden Dairy--Glasshouse Mt.

This is a post I should have done long time ago, to share my passion and love to the nature. 

With my camera, I feel so blessed that I could leave any moment with me. But the picture itself is never enough. I like to write some little notes that attached to my photoshot, to leave my feelings with me. All the colours and scenes gone with time but the feelings at that moment was true, especially those I deeply had towards the nature, those had never been impacted by any other emotions or artificial decoration.
Many years ago, there was a time I got really bothered and sick of people being around me. Not saying I hated to be with people, or hated the people who loved me.Just the feeling of being surrounded drove my biggest anxiety. I could not be true to myself and settle my inner space. I tried so hard to be who I wanted people to see me and tried so hard to prove myself. My passion and inner fire for photography was lighted during that period of time. I started to care about my feeling: how i wanted myself to be observed by me? How I wanted to make myself happy rather than please others? Then, I found taking pictures and write down my feelings at the moment I capture the scene was really effective. No matter it was happiness/panic, the moment I wrote it was the moment I cleared out the messy inside and embrace everything life had offered.
To be honest, I really do not care whether I am good at photographing or not. Whether I am professional or not. Whether I capture a better light or not. I just find a better way to express myself and purely seek a happy way to live full of my life. After all the time, I could say that nature rescued me from being bothered by myself. So I would like to share some beautiful scene I capture in August to bring some inner peace to people who enjoy it.

Visit: http://www.malenybotanicgardens.com.au/  to get your guide of Botanic Garden in Maleny.


Wednesday, September 19, 2018

10 years of Moroccan Oil

It would be a perfect timing for me to introduce one of my favourite brands, Moroccan Oil, to you. I recently gave a total refresh to my hair, to challenge myself by colouring it with a very warm and light tone and put some highlights on it. This year has always been walking out of my comfort zone and I finally decided to do this to my hair as well. For people who want to have long and thick hair, I can say that my hair might be a nice model, but only I know how it was damaged by frequent colouring starting from about 6 years ago. Then, I got know the brand Moroccan Oil.

At the first stage (was about three years ago), I only tried the original treatment oil after I daily wash my hair. Quite shortly after my first few trials, I found it was perfect, and I can even call it miracle to my hair. Before that, my hair was purely thick, and thick only. I would relate no words like "Smooth"/"Strong" to it. Not until recently, I start to use the heat style protectant (click here to shop) and the finish spray (and here) from Moroccan Oil and they perform just as good as the treatment oil and offer a fresh look to my hair, especially when I curl it. My hair roots got very easily to become oily and the hair itself just very dry, 90% people who have long hair might suffer from this problem all the time. That is why I keep my daily hair routine with moroccan oil, as I feel it moist the hair but doesn't give a very oil/sticky touch after I applied that.

 I personally do not believe some of the promotion saying that the result is effective until I truly have used it. That is why I responsibly recommend Moroccan Oil. Since I have been constantly check their website, I found they have the new package (click here to shop) for celebrating 10 Years of MoroccanOil, which include the hair treatment oil and the Dry body oil. I actually got both products separately all the time. I guess it is the perfect time for me to get it in package and I do not have to be bothered any more.

Saturday, September 15, 2018

Drive-in cinema experience

It has been almost one week since I went with my best friend Lennon for my first Drive-in cinema experience in Yatala. I got quite excited when I had this idea flew in my mind, because I had no idea what it would be like, TOTALLY! But I have to thank my big inspiration Joanne Elizabeth (visit her personal blog here) even showed that there was something like such exist.

I have been heard quite a lot from my parents' generation about the drive-in cinemas, except at their time, they took bicycle there, instead I drove my car. But I bet you our mood were the same: Beyond excitement. I have been always wanted to try the drive-in, but left it in the very corner of my to-do list, until I saw the drive-in picture that Joanne posted on her instagram. Next second, I just text Lennon said: Do you want to do drive-in cinema? And that is it. Two non-sense kids just had there first Drive-in experience. The only option for us that night was the Crazy Rich Asian, which other movies merely fitted our timetable. And the funny fact is that we both watched Crazy Rich Asian, more than one week ago (not together). So this Drive-in experience is more likely a true EXPERIENCE than movie itself.

So far that I know the nearest Drive-in near brisbane area is in New Farm Park. If you live in southern suburbs, Yatala would be the closest and the Tivoli Drive-in would be better for you guys live in western suburbs.

I styled a bit vintage and feminine in these pictures. The inside look of the store was a bit warm and red tone, so I wore a red crochet top with in brick colour (from Topshop), paring with vey simply slim fit Lee jeans. The reason I did not take a lot picture about the drive-in field was because me and my friend wanted to really focus on the movie but not taking photos during it. And plus, it was dark and was not been able to show the field. So we only took some pictures when doing lolly shopping.

Hope you enjoy my pictures and I do apology for the very dark light.xx

Photo credit to: @lennonzf  (go follow his instagram for some blue-ish photography inspiration)

Saturday, September 8, 2018

El Rosa by Arc and Family

I never is a person who into pink, but when the paradise is decorate in pink, I do not mind it as much. El Rosa by Arc and Family is recently a hot search in Brisbane area if I shall tell. No matter is an unicorn hot chocolate or a bottle of madam dry rose water, they definitely pink your day (I just feel myself need to use pink as an adv. here). I even wear pink(not really pink but a bit violet as well. Witchery Fashion calls it Lilac) match the scene, how well-prepared I was. I swear there was no one literally really taking pictures before I took my camera out. But why not hey? It is for sure not only a pink paradise, a paradise for intagram photo too. So if you looking for a photo perfect scene for your day-off/weekends. You might want to come to El Rosa. By the way, they location @85 James St. Fortitude Valley.


Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Dr Dennis Gross by Mecca Maxima


Mecca Maxima has always been my personal wonderland to discover amazing little things. To be honest, I never had heard of Dr Dennis Gross (so regret that I was not the well-informed) before I was introduced by the lady from Mecca Maxima Brisbane CBD store. I have been having enlarged pore problems and uneven skin tones due to exposure to sunlight and maybe acnes. Well, I am not a person who is easily to get acne, let's just say twice or three time each half year. But post acne problems still come like I said. Uneven skin tones. 
I really hate when people tell me that your skin looks perfect sometimes, because I know it is not, I can clearly feel it, really. Very dehydrated during winter time, especially Australian winter is killing me and I am so glad we are moving into spring this week (?? though I am not quite sure, still freaky freezing at night). The reason why I say this Radiant booster is bad skin killer is that I can blend it with my old products and mix it with my daily skin care routine. And guess what? The result of my existing products gives a better job with using it alone. I could not believe it at the very beginning few days, as I always think these kinda beauty products are justing trying to brag about themselves. But this one is not.

Pro: with this radiant booster, you don't have to disposal your loved products, it is just like an add-on to every each ones you are using

Con: By using the radiant booster, I do found the dropper (or burette thing? like how we called it in high school chemistry class) really sucks. I need to press really hard to get the liquid in everyday. But I won't bother because it is really a good product.

My personal fight to enlarged pores: mix 2 drops of Dr Dennis Gross radiant booster (you can get on the official website of mecca here) with one tap of estee lauder idealist pore minimising serum (I purchased from David Jones here) each night after gently clean my skin.

If you feel very dehydrated one day, add another drop of hyaluronic acid (there are a few brands on the market but I think they basically the same thing, hyaluronic acid, what else?)

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