Wednesday, September 19, 2018

10 years of Moroccan Oil

It would be a perfect timing for me to introduce one of my favourite brands, Moroccan Oil, to you. I recently gave a total refresh to my hair, to challenge myself by colouring it with a very warm and light tone and put some highlights on it. This year has always been walking out of my comfort zone and I finally decided to do this to my hair as well. For people who want to have long and thick hair, I can say that my hair might be a nice model, but only I know how it was damaged by frequent colouring starting from about 6 years ago. Then, I got know the brand Moroccan Oil.

At the first stage (was about three years ago), I only tried the original treatment oil after I daily wash my hair. Quite shortly after my first few trials, I found it was perfect, and I can even call it miracle to my hair. Before that, my hair was purely thick, and thick only. I would relate no words like "Smooth"/"Strong" to it. Not until recently, I start to use the heat style protectant (click here to shop) and the finish spray (and here) from Moroccan Oil and they perform just as good as the treatment oil and offer a fresh look to my hair, especially when I curl it. My hair roots got very easily to become oily and the hair itself just very dry, 90% people who have long hair might suffer from this problem all the time. That is why I keep my daily hair routine with moroccan oil, as I feel it moist the hair but doesn't give a very oil/sticky touch after I applied that.

 I personally do not believe some of the promotion saying that the result is effective until I truly have used it. That is why I responsibly recommend Moroccan Oil. Since I have been constantly check their website, I found they have the new package (click here to shop) for celebrating 10 Years of MoroccanOil, which include the hair treatment oil and the Dry body oil. I actually got both products separately all the time. I guess it is the perfect time for me to get it in package and I do not have to be bothered any more.

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