Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Botanic Garden Dairy--Glasshouse Mt.

This is a post I should have done long time ago, to share my passion and love to the nature. 

With my camera, I feel so blessed that I could leave any moment with me. But the picture itself is never enough. I like to write some little notes that attached to my photoshot, to leave my feelings with me. All the colours and scenes gone with time but the feelings at that moment was true, especially those I deeply had towards the nature, those had never been impacted by any other emotions or artificial decoration.
Many years ago, there was a time I got really bothered and sick of people being around me. Not saying I hated to be with people, or hated the people who loved me.Just the feeling of being surrounded drove my biggest anxiety. I could not be true to myself and settle my inner space. I tried so hard to be who I wanted people to see me and tried so hard to prove myself. My passion and inner fire for photography was lighted during that period of time. I started to care about my feeling: how i wanted myself to be observed by me? How I wanted to make myself happy rather than please others? Then, I found taking pictures and write down my feelings at the moment I capture the scene was really effective. No matter it was happiness/panic, the moment I wrote it was the moment I cleared out the messy inside and embrace everything life had offered.
To be honest, I really do not care whether I am good at photographing or not. Whether I am professional or not. Whether I capture a better light or not. I just find a better way to express myself and purely seek a happy way to live full of my life. After all the time, I could say that nature rescued me from being bothered by myself. So I would like to share some beautiful scene I capture in August to bring some inner peace to people who enjoy it.

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