Saturday, September 15, 2018

Drive-in cinema experience

It has been almost one week since I went with my best friend Lennon for my first Drive-in cinema experience in Yatala. I got quite excited when I had this idea flew in my mind, because I had no idea what it would be like, TOTALLY! But I have to thank my big inspiration Joanne Elizabeth (visit her personal blog here) even showed that there was something like such exist.

I have been heard quite a lot from my parents' generation about the drive-in cinemas, except at their time, they took bicycle there, instead I drove my car. But I bet you our mood were the same: Beyond excitement. I have been always wanted to try the drive-in, but left it in the very corner of my to-do list, until I saw the drive-in picture that Joanne posted on her instagram. Next second, I just text Lennon said: Do you want to do drive-in cinema? And that is it. Two non-sense kids just had there first Drive-in experience. The only option for us that night was the Crazy Rich Asian, which other movies merely fitted our timetable. And the funny fact is that we both watched Crazy Rich Asian, more than one week ago (not together). So this Drive-in experience is more likely a true EXPERIENCE than movie itself.

So far that I know the nearest Drive-in near brisbane area is in New Farm Park. If you live in southern suburbs, Yatala would be the closest and the Tivoli Drive-in would be better for you guys live in western suburbs.

I styled a bit vintage and feminine in these pictures. The inside look of the store was a bit warm and red tone, so I wore a red crochet top with in brick colour (from Topshop), paring with vey simply slim fit Lee jeans. The reason I did not take a lot picture about the drive-in field was because me and my friend wanted to really focus on the movie but not taking photos during it. And plus, it was dark and was not been able to show the field. So we only took some pictures when doing lolly shopping.

Hope you enjoy my pictures and I do apology for the very dark light.xx

Photo credit to: @lennonzf  (go follow his instagram for some blue-ish photography inspiration)

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