Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Dr Dennis Gross by Mecca Maxima


Mecca Maxima has always been my personal wonderland to discover amazing little things. To be honest, I never had heard of Dr Dennis Gross (so regret that I was not the well-informed) before I was introduced by the lady from Mecca Maxima Brisbane CBD store. I have been having enlarged pore problems and uneven skin tones due to exposure to sunlight and maybe acnes. Well, I am not a person who is easily to get acne, let's just say twice or three time each half year. But post acne problems still come like I said. Uneven skin tones. 
I really hate when people tell me that your skin looks perfect sometimes, because I know it is not, I can clearly feel it, really. Very dehydrated during winter time, especially Australian winter is killing me and I am so glad we are moving into spring this week (?? though I am not quite sure, still freaky freezing at night). The reason why I say this Radiant booster is bad skin killer is that I can blend it with my old products and mix it with my daily skin care routine. And guess what? The result of my existing products gives a better job with using it alone. I could not believe it at the very beginning few days, as I always think these kinda beauty products are justing trying to brag about themselves. But this one is not.

Pro: with this radiant booster, you don't have to disposal your loved products, it is just like an add-on to every each ones you are using

Con: By using the radiant booster, I do found the dropper (or burette thing? like how we called it in high school chemistry class) really sucks. I need to press really hard to get the liquid in everyday. But I won't bother because it is really a good product.

My personal fight to enlarged pores: mix 2 drops of Dr Dennis Gross radiant booster (you can get on the official website of mecca here) with one tap of estee lauder idealist pore minimising serum (I purchased from David Jones here) each night after gently clean my skin.

If you feel very dehydrated one day, add another drop of hyaluronic acid (there are a few brands on the market but I think they basically the same thing, hyaluronic acid, what else?)


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