Sunday, January 12, 2020

Eye Test Experience Oscar Wylee

Finally I could share this eye test experience with you on #WanderlustOfEmily!!I have been holding this for a long time and tried my best to keep it low profile until I got the content totally ready.

In the very end of December 2019, I landed a collaboration with one of my favourite brands, Oscar Wylee, to ride an eye test experience with them. For me, Oscar Wylee is not just a store that could fix my glasses problems but a fashion brand, which makes glasses not nerdy anymore. I have been short sighted since Grade 6 and wearing glasses for more than a decade. For some reasons, I used to prefer contact lens because they are more FASHION to me (because we all have a stereotyping that glasses have a more nerdy and stiff impression).

I don't feel it anymore with Oscar Wylee.

Some point to remember when you get an eye test:

  • Do not forget to bring your medicare card/medicare insurance card. They do bulk bill so you do not have to pay the eye test
  • Get someone with you if you are going to do a pupil test because you are advised not to drive post test (check with your local store)
  • Bring some points about your eye health even if your optometrist does not ask. I do have eye dryness and sensitive to light sometimes. So I was advised to do further test to see if I am wearing appropriate contact lens.
  • Do not rush when you picking your glasses because there are just so many choices. Try to find the one suits your face shape best. For example, I see myself have a round face shape. So I'd always like to pick glasses that have a sharp/large angle at the top to balance the lower part of my face.
  • When you choose a pair of glasses, try to pull your hair up when you try it on. Sometimes, the hairstyle we currently have reshapes our face shape. But in reality, we are not going to just wear one hairstyle, so pull the hair away from your face gives a more objective view of how it will matches your face shape.
  • You get 2 pairs of glasses for just $199, so enjoy the fashion journey with Oscar Wylee for an affordable price! This is my last advice!

Hope you all have a more clear vision in 2020.


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