Monday, October 29, 2018

Moga Paddington, You Latest Brisbane Dining Guide

(Unagi Nigiri)

(Moga Roll)

(Wagyu Beef) 

I don't know about you, but I am sick of ordering a pizza from the closest fast food delivery, sitting in my couch at 9 o'clock, and regret of taking so much junk food and feeling the high calorie intake is killing me inside and out. Now, we have another choice: a healthy, yummy choice with a sense of exotic culture, which I cannot refuse. I have to thank my friend Catherine, who brought me to Moga Paddington this weekend for a night out. We had not seen each other for a very long time, and this place is just perfect for us to chat and have some light meal. Surprised to me, it opens until very late (around 10 p.m), which means if you want to grab you and your bestie some sake or Japanese dessert on a boring night. That is totally perfect as well. No need to even mention the nice interior and half-open dining atmosphere it offers, food here will not disappoint you just as how it looks inside and out. You might been seeing me if you dine here some time, because I just love how this restaurant & bar delivers its concept. I am truely feeling that I would be a frequent visitor, and please just come by and say hello if you see me anytime. I don't mind grab a sake and chat about fashion & travel, at all! Last but not least, it locates just near the Rosalie village and on-street parking is so convenient.(I just do not visit some place with parking is a tough work for me)

If you keen for a nice dinner or just casual catch up here, click here for their menu and contact details.


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