Friday, October 19, 2018

Japan Diary Part 3: Tokyo+ Mt. Fuji

Tokyo is truly a non-stop city. Standing in the middle of the city, my first impression towards Tokyo was like the morning after a whole night party. There was a moment that the life was filled with people, and next moment I felt so alone even I was surrounded. No bad, or good. Just acceptance. The neon lights are all on, the night gone dark. Now it was the time I bury myself in the joy of the current moment and think about nothing else. This is the city, and we all need to learn from both side of it. Whether it is the serenity from its ancient history, or the craziness of night parties, embrace it and enjoy it.

Dine at Beige Alain Ducasse (click here for more information) is one of the kind experience we love about. Aileen and I, we have been travelling around for fine dining, just to let the food pop amazingness on our tongue. Couple days ago when we talked about Beige Alain Ducasse, the first thing came into the talk was their butter for bread. Most people would maybe remember a main dish or dessert from their dining experiences, but the simplest thing in our life really impress us the most. (I guess that this the reason why we became friends)

Mt Fuji:

Mt Fuji can never be forgotten. Ever once we opened a random travel magazine or just type "Japan" in our search engine, Mt Fuji would certainly been ranked in the very top list of it. When talking about this country, we talk about it. A day tour to Mt Fuji was not a bad choice. How lucky we were?The day we went was a sunny day and it revealed the whole face of itself to us.

And btw, big news!! I am heading to Japan again for Christmas holiday (will be there from 23-30 December), so please send me e-mail/ DM me on Instagram if you would like to catch up there. xx

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