Saturday, October 6, 2018

House of Mirrors


If you ask me why October is my favourite month, well,  so many exhibitions and events are currently on hot at this moment in Brisbane (and most importantly, it is my birth month.) I went to visit the House of Mirrors in Southbank several days ago.

Feeling myself really in a bad luck, because by the time we took only the second photo of that day, it started to rain, or more exactly, it was literally a storm. Guess what made the thing worse? The exhibition is actually in an open area so we did not offered something call ROOF. If you think it is the end of the story? HELL NO! As the storm came, we managed to find the exit of the exhibition and as it call itself the House of Mirror, it surely would like to play a trick on you. I feel that I used the sense of direction for my entire life, but still lost in the exhibition. Funny fact was that I turned in circles again and again for almost 20 minutes. Nearly gave up and thought I would have to stay in the maze of mirror FOREVER.

But do not misunderstand my words. Let me make it clear: I love the exhibition and fun things it brought me, seeing so many MYSELF is so interesting, made me feel that there were so many faces the mirrors could bring to me but there is only REAL me. Just the day, the storming day was not my day because how stupid I was to forgot an umbrella in rainy season??

If you get an afternoon off someday, just pop to this tiny exhibition and get yourself lost in the maze.

Mesh top from Topshop
Jumpsuit from Vergegirl
Shoes from Chanel
Bag from Louis Vuitton

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