Friday, August 2, 2019

New Hair Inspiration

Hello there! Cannot be more excited to show you all my new hair!! It is the first time in the past few years that I go this short. If being honest, not that short, but literally the shortest during the past five years.

I used to wear very short hair, like a bob cut and quite loved it. Then, I was like: how it's going to be alike if I go longer? After that,  I just could not dare myself to cut it again. But this time is different. I want to have a shoulder length and see how it will be revealed on me!

I have a big big THANK YOU to Natashia from Bristle & Bones. She did not only helped me to get this cut, but also helped me to achieve the hair colour I had been always wanting to have. My original hair colour was black, and it's really difficult to get a cold tone without damning my hair. I'll have to say that Tash is the most honest and reliable hairdresser I have ever met. We discussed the possibility that my hair would still have a bit warm tone even if she applies the cold/ash tone on me and there we decide to give it a go and see how it looks. It turns out that I made the best decision by doing my colour with her. If any of you girls/guys want to have some change on your hair, why not see the girls in Bristle & Bones (click here to book your session)??

I am doing this post to show you how the ash tone will reflect on original black hair and hope it gives a clue if you are dark in nature and want to turn light!


*Outfit: Dress from Christy Dawn
Hair Clip from Bristle & Bones

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