Friday, August 16, 2019

My Ekka Outfit

I made the first Ekka in the last 7 years and I feel it has been a nice improvement, especially the fireworks. I still remember the first Ekka I went around one decade ago, I ate two strawberry sundae and I vomited right after that. What an experience. Still go for the remarkable strawberry sundae and the taste is just like the old memory.

Take your very last chance this year to visit Ekka this year and grab the all-time favourite ice-cream.
You could click here to book the ticket. We got the Twilight Pass and it is super cheap!!

*Outfit: Top from Sabo Skirt
Skirt from Glassons (click here)
Blazer from Witchery
Sneakers from Adidas
Bag from MCM

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