Thursday, August 29, 2019

MBFF Brisbane Day 2 - Bonita Collective

When ethical meets colourful, life isn't boring anymore. Trust me, you feel no guilty when it comes to Bonita Collective. Bonita Collective uses A-grade fabrics that hand-swen by some of the best artists from India. Exotic textiles, unbridled use color, liberal embellishment, these are what Bonita has been persuiting since it launched itself in 2015.

Kristian draws you a story of Cuba this season. The only prologue I could think of for the story is: I remember that summer in Cuba, I guess that's what people call CRUSH in their life. I appreciated that I took a moment to be grateful for the magic of colours, at the first sight I saw the ladies walked towards me. You would never had known that colours could be incorporated with each other so well,f until you see the collections by Kristian Williams.

Thank you Kristian for making the Bonita Collective be real. (Click here to shop their collections)

Hope you all enjoy the show.
Thank you for having me photograph the show.


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