Monday, July 29, 2019

As Simple As I Could Be

After chasing after the so-called TREND for years and years, I started to consider what I would like to wear today and everyday? Do I need those fabrics that constrain me in a special shape, which we called clothes? I guess not. I want to fit myself in something comfortable, yet makes me look chic and effortless. Better to speak for the inside ME as well.

Now it's a good time to welcome Simple The Label.

I had this idea within me since I was thirteen years old, while secretly making something by my mum's sewing machine. At that time, I didn't even clear on the word: Fashion/ Style. Chanel was yet too far for a little girl at that stage. But I did learn the whole story of Versace brand because my dad was a huge fan, and I reckon no one else could compete with. Really, the story itself was everything I knew and I could not understand the spirit of it. During those following 7-8 years, I misconcepted myself with the meaning of fashion by evaluating it on its monetary value.

At my early 20s, by educating myself with all the knowledge of fashion ( fashion is not easy). I had learnt how to question and add more value to the world. Lucky enough I did answer that question by working harder everyday than the yesterday. I wanted to create something that when girls wear, they feel comfortable, easy, and not deliberate. When they are wrapped by the fabric, they feel confident of expressing themselves other than pretending to be someone else. In another word, to be TRUE.

Here arrives the birth of Simple The Label, which explain all the inside me to the outside world.

Hope the simple cut and design could fit into the wardrobe of every girl and bring confident to you.xx


*Outfit: Knitsuits from Simple The Label
Sneakers from Nike
Bag from Gucci


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