Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Tasmania Diary: Day 1- Day 4

Do we wanna a road trip in Tasmania? Yes, we do.

It was decided within one minute and ticked my "to do list". We happened to do a 11 day road trip that circles Tasmania, starting from Hobart.

Day 1- 24, Jun 2019: Brisbane—> Hobart

Departing from Brisbane around 6.30 a.m, we started the first day of our Tasmania trip. 

Unlike our sunshine state, Tasmania is so cold and became a real challenge. We hunted our first meal in hobart just near our accommodation. If you come to Tas, cheese and seafood are something you will not miss for sure. So did us. The first meal we had was scollops with prosciutto, cheese platter, caesar salad and smoked salmon pizza. 

We walked a bit after our lunch and headed back to hotel for a rest. I was so surprised that our hotel balcony could have a full view of the marine. Sunset in Hobart was another level. I literally spent the whole evening staying at our balcony and captured different moments of the sunset.

Day 2- 25, Jun 2019: Hobart —> Bruny Island
Be prepared to loose your signal and to detox yourself from social media if you visit Bruny island. I totally lost my connection to Internet when I arrived in the island. But think about the positive side: I got plenty of time enjoying the beauty of the nature. It was the first time in my life that I loaded a car myself to a vessel, the last time I had the same experience was with my parents when I was still 8 years ago, and of course, my dad was the driver at that time. Life list ticked!

*View from the car when we were loaded on the vessel

It was not a long journey from Kettering ferry terminal to Bruny Island, which took us just about 20 min. The off-line google map would be so useful. Download before you go because the Hotel Bruny would be the only place on the island that you could access wifi/signal.

*The Neck Lookout @ Bruny Island

*Lunch @ Hotel Bruny

Day 3- 26, Jun 2019: Bruny Island —> Hobart
We barely did anything in Hobart on the third day of our road trip, because we spent the whole day just wandering on the island and left there by taking the ferry around 5 p.m. We arrived Hobart city in the evening to get ourselves a good rest and prepare for the trip coming up in the next day to Bicheno. We had no specific plan in Bicheno, as it is a stop-over point we set on the way to Launceston and did not want to drive a long time. There it becomes somewhere we could possibly stay for one night. 

Day 4- 27, Jun 2019: Hobart—> Richmond Town—> Bicheno
In the morning, we decided to stop at the Richmond Town on the way to Bicheno. So we gave up the breakfast in Hobart, and decided to get a coffee and some sweet treats in Richmond. It turns out we got nice coffee and my favorite Lamington there.

*The Richmond Bridge

*View from the Richmond Bridge

We also stopped at the wineglass way in Freycinet National Park on the way to Bicheno. I took only one picture at the Coles Bay Lookout because the light was not friendly on a gloomy day. But it was still beautiful.

For a perfect ending of 4th Day of our road trip, here is the fire sky we took in the evening when approaching Bicheno town center.

Enjoy the road trip and see you from the Day 5 edition very soon. xx



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  2. This is amazing Emily! Such great shots you definitely have Talent :)


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