Sunday, July 21, 2019

My Self-actualisation with X NIHILO

Being waken up super early this morning by the golden sunshine. I had something inside that I've been wanting to express for years. I decide to create something different, yet speaking for myself.

XNIHILO is one of those very local brands that attracted me since years ago. From then on, I became a huge fan. Create out of NOTHING. How brilliant this phase and how proper it express the inside me at the same time. No wonder it's love at the first sight.

For years and years, I had a struggle inside of me with myself in between culture based collectivism and self-developed individualism. I questioned myself for individualist along the way grow up, but till recently, I found I got a mistake in understanding the difference between individualism and selfish.

Individualism is about embracing the inner self, even you see something you have which is no like others. You don't even have to feel shame of being different, either feeling disadvantaged if you are not thought to be "pretty" from the perspective of the main stream. Because we are unique.  Selfish is about selfish it alone, by taking advantage/ignoring others feeling just to benefit yourself. Then I laughed. I even studied culture for my business degree in university, but I still got so confused along the way. Because in the culture I grew up, individual sometimes means selfish. If we jump out of the rules that culture has written for us, think it out of the circle. What will it really be? That random moment I met XNIHILO, everything was explained.

The answer is NOTHING.

We shall be unique, we shall be independent, we shall be honest to ourselves. Even sometimes it will have conflict with others' mind. But it's totally fine.

Embrace yourself, and Love


*Outfit: Jeans from Lee
Knitwear from Simple The Label
Tote from XNIHILO (click here)

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