Wednesday, September 11, 2019

TheUrge saves your urgent

This flora cami dress is even on 50% sale
I love how a good search engine could bring good bargains to you when you simply  TICKED the deal/sale button.
Brand: MICHAEL Michael Kors (click here to shop)
Available on

*This romantic dress is with dot prints but not flora. It could either be a holiday dress or a night out with your favorite girlfriends!
Brand: Elliatt
Available on
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I need a dress. I know how exactly it will be looking like. I know the colour, the shape, the WHATEVER I want. But here is the question: I do not know where to find it.

I'll share a name with you: The Urge. Shop first and thank me later.

I found this fashion search engine called the urge just few weeks ago, and found it super handy when you want to find your perfect piece in seconds. We all running a busy schedule, and always hope that one day, we can walk in one of the department stores that has all the brands we love there. So we don't have to waste time to browse and search. To be honest, I don't even know where they hang the clothes I want. Do you?

So did a girl in 2017. She was invited to one of her girlfriends' wedding in Cape Town that year. She was ready to embraced that moment with a silk bridesmaid dress in Champagne colour. It would make life even better if that dress is slightly below the knee and make the whole look shine. The plan was perfect, but the fact was not. She searched the whole internet and could not find something that matched her ideal dress. Life became frustrating because of this tiny little thing. She was the co-founder of The Urge, Cayley Ostrin. But she is one of us, of all the girls that want to find that dress but couldn't. And we have to compromise, and compromise always. With The Urge, we don't have to anymore.

The Urge divides all the pieces we might want into a very detailing categories. The home page lists the general categories such as cocktail dress, day dress or evening dress. Once you click in, you would even have the option to give a price range/choose sales and deals/even payment method you would like to go with. Other than all those fundamental features that general online shops offer, The urge leave the option for yourself to choose which retailer you would like to shop your dress with. Time is never going to be wasted anymore. You could enjoy the rest time on a cup of coffee and stop being frustrated. Life quality is always improved with a help of tools like The Urge.(Click here to shop you look for your next even with The urge)

Like myself, I have been searching a perfect flora dress to get myself prepared for the upcoming summer, and I found exactly what I wanted from The Urge. I set the price range between $200-$800 for something I could dress both up and down. I also listed my requirement of big prints/flora, because I see the trend in big prints with my last week's attendance to Fashion Week! The Urge listed few of them that were exactly what I wanted, and I loved them so much. All I have to do now is to decide which one to go for and click the 'Buy Now' button!

Hope this life tips helps.

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