Monday, September 16, 2019

Silk Sand Sunshine

Summer is coming and I cannot even wait for another second to run to the beachside.

It is the perfect time over the whole year. The sun is not that killing yet, and the weather is not that torturing, either. I haven't really prepared myself some summer outfit, so playing around my old goodies seems to be the only way I could pretend I am still on trend, am I?

This silk cami from Zimmermann, and shell maxi skirt from Alice McCALL are something that magically go well with each other in my wardrobe. Material is a key word in my life. If the material is junk, no matter how pretty the piece looks good from outside, I will probably not going to wear it. Not even a second. 

This bush/pink look is perfect for my summer getaway to embrace and unleash my innerself. Just run on the beach and feel the wind. I love how the sun spread its glow on my skin, and the wind tells me that I exist.

Are you ready for summer?

*Outfit: Silk cami from Zimmermann
Maxi skirt from Alice McCALL
Earrings from VergeGirl (click here for similar vibes)
Sunglasses from VergeGirl

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