Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Sunset Lover

If you never ever heard the name of Adrian Norris and Edwina Forest, you must have heard the big name Aje. The duo behind the label again rocked the runways with fluid and feminity this season, and defined how a summer could be well-spent with its design.

Originated from Noosa back in 2005, the prelife of Aje was a designer store that selling clothing of many Australian designers called Strada. Later on, to appeal to the market need, Strada started to produce its own clothing and that was how Aje had its life. If you see the reason why Adrina made Aje live, you’ll see why the design of Aje has so much casual and holiday elements, but yet blend into the city life so well. Because you do not want to buy one piece of clothing just to wear it for once when you spend holiday in Noosa, but keep it in your wardrobe forever when you return your 9-to-5 life. You still would like to wear it from time to time. That is how Aje able to fill the gap in the market, and with Ed. joining the label for its business side, it earned its success among numerous young brands.

Like Adrina himself said, he and Ed. both love beautiful things, but he will not make beautiful things unless there’s a reason. The connection between the designer and its customer defines the direction of its business. As a big fan and customer of a brand, I love beautiful things, but I will not put my money in their pocket unless there is a reason. The value of Aje expresses myself for me, that’s why I’d always like to be supportive, since it builds a connection with me. For the last few years, Aje has led an attention to some of the most surreal and magical sites of its motherland--Australia, as well as speaking for its culture. For the SS19, it headed back to where everything started, the iconic ocean side of surfers paradise. The fluid style and hyper colour made the collection a highlight, a holiday makes you believe that is worthy spent with Aje’s design.

I was lucky enough to shoot for their runway back to August in the MBFF Brisbane, and fell in love with their sunset dress at the first sight. With this sunset dress, you do not necessarily need to fly all the way to Bali to get yourself into the holiday vibe. I am all holiday ready once I pull it on. Don’t you see me ready for a Pina colada already?

Outfit: Dress from Aje
Sneakers from Gucci
Bag from Gucci

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